Print Competition No 4: Open

posted by Ian Lewis in Club Meetings

Ah! You know summer's on its way don't you when the last of the ladder competitions hoves into sight! So here we were, eagerly awaiting the first of the final"Open" competitions - prints this time.

The man in the hot seat (although he was standing for most of the time) - Ken Lyndon - all the way from farthest Goring (the one up the road - not the one by the sea). At least he didn't have to negotiate the bridge!

All judges say that open competitions are hard 'cos of the variety of image subjects - so no disappointments there then Ken! There might not have been a huge entry but the prints were a) of a high standard and b) extremely varied! He did a great job though, giving detailed comments on both the artistic and technical merits of each image (sounds like ice skating results doesn't it!) - which were both informative and helpful.

And finally here are the high scorers for the evening. In the monochrome section there was one 20 awarded and that went to Nigel Farmer for"Escalating Pay". In the colour section two 20s were awarded - John Sexton for"The Eagle has Landed" (a rare shot of something NOT about to eat him!) and Nigel Farmer (again!) for"Give Us A Kiss" (don't ask!).

So the final top positions. In the monochrome section third place went to Colin Campbell with 33 points; second place to Nigel Fenner with 37 points and in first place was Nigel Farmer with 38 points. In the colour section third place was shared by Brian Jolley and Ray Lewis with 35 points and in joint first place were John Sexton and Nigel Farmer, both with 39 points!

Congratulations to the gainers of 20s and to the all the top scorers. Thanks to all who entered, making this an evening of superb images and thanks of course to Ken for judging so well!


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