Natural History Competition

posted by Ian Lewis in Club Meetings

Summer's on its way (believe me!) - you can feel spring in the air as you make your way over the considerably less raging torrent of the Thames to the village hall! They're re-starting work on the bridge too - things really are looking up!!

This week we made our way through the balmy spring-like evening air for an evening in the company of he of the lilting Caledonian voice - Stan McCartin LRPS CPAGB APAGB - who'd come once again to judge our annual Natural History competition.

What a superb range of images both print and digital! Stan, as ever, was thorough in his critique of each, sharing with us his thoughts regarding composition, technical merit and subject suitability. Just about every aspect of natural history was covered by the images with plenty of fur and feathers (and the odd bit of scaly skin!) together with plants and flowers. A difficult job for Stan - especially with such good quality work to judge!

Finally, of course, we had our high scorers and overall winner for the evening. In the print section 20s were achieved by Ray Lewis for"Felis Silvestris - Scottish Wildcat" (looked very moggy-like but don't think I'd tickle it behind the ears!) and John Sexton for"White tailed Sea Eagle". In the digital section there were five 20s!! They were achieved by Melvyn Newman for"Centaurea Montana - Mountain Cornflower" and also for"Dipsacus Fullonum - Common Teasel" (wow - full marks there Melvyn!); Sally Waygood for"Here you are at last"; John Sexton for"Glaucous-winged Gull" and Nigel Glover-Wright for"Ouch!".

Congratulations to all these excellent scorers - but who was the overall winner - which image was the best in the competition? John Sexton's"Glaucous-winged Gull" - that what! Extra congratulations to you John - and one where you weren't going to be eaten by the subject after photographing it!!

Thanks of course to you Stan for your superb judging and irrepressible humour!! We look forward to seeing you again - even if you do get devolution! Och aye!!


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