Pinhole and Beyond

posted by Ian Lewis in Club Meetings

An evening called "Pinhole and Beyond" - just had to be worth braving the raging torrents of the Thames for! Remember doing this at school? Were we going to see a cardboard box with a pinhole at the front and a piece of light sensitive paper on the inside? Not on your life! This was sophisticated stuff in the pinhole department - courtesy of Paul Mitchell.

To start with the camera is a lovely wooden construction - and it's loaded with film - not paper. This makes the exposures shorter and the images crisper - none of the waiting around and brewing a cup of tea whilst the camera's doing its job! The images were astounding - atmospheric and sharp with that bit of vignetting that lets you know it's a pinhole image! And some were in colour too - a lovely muted tone.

Paul then went on to share his film and digital images with us and showed us what a superb all-round photographer he is - and how effective it can be to break the rules of photography (try that one with some of our judges!).

An excellent evening enjoyed by all and we look forward to welcoming you back in the not too distant future Paul!


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