posted by Ian Lewis in Club Meetings

This evening we came from all points of the compass for an evening with our very own Bill Scott. And where was he taking us in photographs today? Italy! Fantastico!

After all our rain wasn't it great to be transported to sunnier climes. Bill took us on a superb tour of the cities in the Veneto region up in t'north-east of the country. We went to Mantova, Padova, Verona (swear I saw two gentlemen there!) and Vicenza - the city of Palladio. In these cities we were shown images of the beautiful architecture, particularly the churches and of course the ancient Roman Arena in Verona which now stages magnificent operas (partial to a bit of lions v. gladiators meself!). Then finally we visited the magical city of Venice with its canals, gondolas and iconic buildings.

An absolutely superb evening Bill - thanks for taking us there and letting us think of summer and holidays! Bello, grazie*!!

*In case of error - blame Google Translate!!!


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