A Digital Lane

posted by Ian Lewis in Club Meetings

Another week of gales and horizontal rain! Heavens! But we're a stalwart bunch we British - nothing stops us - and so it proved as figures clad in rain-soaked waterproofs burst in through the doors last Wednesday. And worth the effort too you'll agree 'cos we had the pleasure of being in the company of Mike Lane - photographer of the natural world!

This evening's presentation was called "A Digital Lane" - meaning all the images this time were captured using a digital camera And what superb images they were too! What's more - Mike explains how he captured the shots - not only the equipment used but also the "props". For instance a heron apparently walking on water with an amazing reflection underneath was "persuaded" (don't ask how you persuade a heron to do anything!) to walk along a strategically placed plank of wood lying just under the surface, Then there were the songbirds perched on twigs - conveniently placed by Mike in the right place for them as they were queuing up for food. But he didn't just stay in this fair land - we travelled to far-flung places such as Montana where we met unlikely big cats such as Barbary lion posing in the snow. The message about taking stunning shots is clearly - get down low and shoot at eye level or upwards. Of course Mike took this to extremes by having to shelter under a truck as an elephant wandered close by - but what an image as a result - and luckily the truck wasn't driven away!!

An excellent evening Mike- we thoroughly enjoyed it and look forward to seeing you again in the not-too-distant future!


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