6x4 Competition and Discussion Evening

posted by Ian Lewis in Club Meetings

Looking out at the rain still hammering down I thought to myself - won't be many at the club this evening - goes to show how wrong you can be don't it!! The faithful braved the worst that British weather can throw at us and manfully (or should that be personfully?) made it to the village hall.

It was our annual "enprint" (ie 6 x 4) and discussion evening - and we had 13 panels of 6x4s to look at - amazing in the circumstances! This is the evening when we each have a scoresheet and mark each image out of 5 - means each entrant has a possible score of 25 from each member present - gottit? Good!

Well - as you might expect there was a huge range of subjects although a number of entrants arranged their panel on a theme. On the Chairman's call of "Go!" (he does it so well - years of practice!) there was a concerted surge for the tables on which the panels were displayed and frenzied marking began.

And the result? In third place was Sylvia Blackmore with 367 points; second came Rachel Patton with 380 points - and scoring a massive 414 points the winner was Ivor Cowley. Congratulations to all three - and well done to everybody who entered a panel. And made it such a fun evening!

After that - our discussion session - mainly centred round the set subjects for next season. Our Al had been given a lot of suggestions (don't ask!) but we managed in our democratic way to whittle these down to two.... and they are..... A Beatles Song (apparently we have 214 to choose from!) and Contre Jour (my pronunciation of this being recently criticised by a French bloke - who had obviously forgotten Waterloo!!!).

A good evening eh? - and very productive to boot! (and it stopped raining as we made our way to the hostelry).


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