Kaleidoscope 2

posted by Ian Lewis in Club Meetings

Note from diary for Wed 29 Jan 2014: "Gave up building ark for the evening - went to camera club instead". So - battling through the relentless downpours of the wet stuff - we hardy souls of the Whitchurch Hill Camera Club gathered together for an evening's entertainment courtesy of the Leicester Forest (aka East Midlands) AV group (on dvd you understand - they didn't arrive en masse!!)

Really enjoyed it too! During the evening we all managed to curb our pressing need to burst into renditions from "The Sound of Music" as we were transported to alpine pastures; we travelled to the USA to learn something of the Amish sect's way of life; we were left mystified about whatever happened to Glenn Miller (is he with Elvis?); we visited the magical city of Prague (we had to Czech that out!) and we were mesmerised by a rock concert.

A good evening - and so nice to stop thinking about rain. Good to see the technological expertise demonstrated by our esteemed chairman too - today the laptop - tomorrow layers!


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