Kaleidoscope 1

posted by Ian Lewis in Club Meetings

The second week in January - it'll soon be summer! But undeterred by the driving rain and storms - the faithful members of our august (see - thinking of summer months!) club once more trudged past the non-existent bridge (if they were coming from the south that is) to Whitchurch for the evening's offering.

This week we were treated to a selection of audio-visuaL sequences from the Leicester Forest AV group with the overall title of Kaleidoscope 1. And what a great range of subjects too! We experienced a moody study of the declining slate industry around Ffestiniog; we travelled to Germany for a brief history of the colourful King Ludwig of Bavaria and his fairy-tale castles; we learnt about the artist LS Lowry and, whilst up north (as they say), we travelled along Wainwright's coast to coast route going from east to west. Further afield we visited Yellowstone Park in the depths of winter and - oh yes - we also had an in-depth view of Thomas Crapper's role in the development of the humble loo.

A really enjoyable evening! Thanks for getting hold of these sequences Mr Chairman - and congratulations on your handling of the technicalities in order to present the session single-handed!


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