The 2013 Basingstoke Photographic Exhibition

posted by Ian Lewis in Club Meetings

Here we are - first club meeting of 2014 - in the midst of rain, floods... and no bridge! The hardy faithful though wended their way to Whitchurch through the above weather to see images submitted to Basingstoke Camera Club for a recent exhibition. So no visitors this evening - just a CD as representative!! Mind you, it was good to see the Chairman - and Vice Chairman - back from the souks of Marrakech and the wind-blown torment of the Bay of Biscay!

Interesting to see what other camera clubs produce isn't it? Here was a wide variety of images of an excellent standard (well- they'd have to be with an exhibition in mind wouldn't they?) - and there were a lot of them too - about 1000 apparently (though I didn't count them - relying on our esteemed Chairman's mathematics for that).

One noticeable feature was the distinctive style of black and white portraiture - powerful and gritty with the principal figure to one side of the foreground. Surrealism seemed to play a distinctive part in a number of the images too. Overall, a superb set of digital images and many thanks to Basingstoke CC for lending us the CD.


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