Print Competition No 2

posted by Ian Lewis in Club Meetings

Another Wednesday - another camera club meeting - and another competition! This time the second of our print competitions - the subject: "Built to Last" (I suppose you could say that about the Whitchurch toll bridge!!)

Something of a landmark this one - we actually had a judge! Of course our esteemed Chairman was on hand and raring to step into the breach if called but he need not have feared - Terry Coffee was ready and willing - and able - to give his judgements.

There was an amazing range of interpretation of this subject. There were, of course, buildings old and new (the latter with the clear intent of lasting), there were steam engines, details of steam engines, trams, bridges (noticed the aforementioned one didn't appear!), an old pedestrian tunnel, and even the granddaddy of all British constructions- Stonehenge!

Terry (who incidentally didn't have coffee at the interval), gave very detailed observations on each image before awarding his final scores. And who managed to achieve full marks? Well - in the monochrome section these were Jon Scourse for "Pont du Gard", Nigel Fenner for "Chichester Cathedral" and Ian Nash for "Forgotten Forge". Stars were given to "Pont du Gard" and "Chichester Cathedral". In the colour section the full - markers were Nigel Farmer for both "Stonehenge" and "Wilder's Folly", Brian Jolley for "Evesham Abbey Bell Tower c.1530", Nigel Fenner for "The Font in Chichester Cathedral" and Edward Curtis for "HMS Warrior". Both of Nigel Farmer's images were awarded stars! Wow!

The final positions for tonight in the monochrome section were as follows: in third place was Nigel Farmer with 34 points; in second place came Nigel Fenner with 36 points, and in first place was Jon Scourse scoring 39 points. In the colour section the results were: in third place Nigel Fenner with 38 points; in second place Brian Jolley with 39 points, and in first place Nigel Farmer scoring a perfect 40 points!

Congratulations to all the high scorers and winners - and of course to all who entered their images to make this such a good evening. Thanks go of course to Terry for not only remaining fit and healthy but for finding his way here! (saved the Chairman a job too!)


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