Finding The Picture

posted by Ian Lewis in Club Meetings

From the south they came, braving the river crossing and from the rolling hills of the north (bit Tolkienesque eh?) -flocking into Whitchurch's village hall. A special guest this week - all the way from Bristol (or "Bristle" as they say down there) - Clive Minnitt. For those who read "Outdoor Photography" (other publications are available, Clive's name will leap out as one of its regular contributors and a leader on their Reader Workshop expeditions. On top of that he's one of the "Light and Land" leaders - so who better to give advice on finding the picture (which also happened to be the title of his talk!). You can tell he's used to finding his way round strange places 'cos he managed to follow our esteemed chairman's directions and didn't end up in the river!

What this was all about was getting the picture right in camera with only a minimum amount of work to be done in Photoshop etc. (unless you want to of course!). Clive took us through all the stages from actually spotting a potential picture to composing it in camera, looking at the position of the main subject; the foreground leading the eye in; the advantages of including people to give an idea of scale (especially if they can be encouraged to wear red!); how the light is falling and its effect on the overall colour. This was all illustrated with Clive's superb photography. We looked at the conventions - the rule of thirds for instance - and how breaking these can sometimes make an image more powerful. Clive also suggested taking a series of images of the same thing at different times and illustrated this with his photographs of the Clifton Suspension Bridge (it having survived the recent onslaught by Whitchurch Hill Camera Club!). Picture format was touched on too - Clive having a particular liking for square which can be very powerful.

An excellent evening - not to mention inspirational! (note to self - find the right hat for the occasion). Thanks, Clive - we look forward to seeing you again sometime (and there might be a bridge next time too!).


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