Digital Competition No 2

posted by Ian Lewis in Club Meetings

Here we are - second digital image ladder competition of the season already - doesn't time fly when you're having fun! Despite the lack of a bridge the faithful flocked once more to the village hall to hear the dulcet Caledonian tones of Stan "The Man" McCartin pronouncing on our efforts - but what was this???? No Stan?? Apparently he'd succumbed to something wot'd stopped him pronouncing, so instead we had our very own Alan "The Lad" Copeland who manfully stood in for the evening - nothing can stop WHCC!!

So the subject of this competition was "Built to Last" - challenging eh? The initial run-through of images showed what a difficult task our Al was in for. Unsurprisingly, historic and more modern architecture and monuments featured (well - we hope most are built to last don't we?) and we were treated to some superb images of these - ranging from the really ancient such as Stonehenge and the structures of ancient Egypt - to the 1963 Beinecke Rare Books Library and the amazing roof of the Santa Cruz Theatre. And not only buildings - members' ingenuity ran riot - there were steam engine details, steam locomotive wheels, aircraft - even a hard drive! Alan - as we all know - is a very experienced judge and gave detailed and constructive comments on each one (knowledge of ancient Egyptian history's a bit shaky though Al!) - making this a superb evening despite the absence of Stan.

And what happened at the end? Well, much-coveted 20s were achieved by Tony Bates for his "Avro Vulcan XH558" (did he fly above this we wonder?); Brian Jolley for "Victorian Pillar Box"; Frank Loveder for "Triumphal Architecture"; Lawrence Heward for "Warmth Reflected" and Stephen Shadbolt for "Will It Last?". Stars were awarded to Tony's "Avro Vulcan" and Lawrence's "Warmth Reflected". The final top positions were as follows: in 3rd place came Dorothy Hart with 37 points; sharing 2nd place were Brian Jolley, Frank Loveder and Lawrence Heward all with 38 points - and in first place came Tony Bates with 39 points.

Congratulations to all the above - and indeed to all who entered and made it such a great evening. Thanks also, of course to Al The Lad who did such a superb job at short notice! Finally - we hope you recover quickly Stan - and we look forward to seeing you in the not-too-distant future (26th March to be exact!).


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