Digital Competition No 1

posted by Ian Lewis in Club Meetings

Bit late this week - been busy with non-photo-related things - shock to the system! Anyway - on with the important stuff like what was happening last Wednesday evening in the sleepy village of Whitchurch-on-Thames - even sleepier now it's a dead-end for traffic!!

So the hordes turned up - despite the bridge being closed - a great turnout for the first of our ladder competitions - the Digital Open (No 1). The man in the firing line was supposed to be our old friend Peter Jackman but unfortunately he's ill. However, at the last possible minute a new judge was found (sounds as if they have little hiding-places doesn't it) - Allan Thomson, an Aussie (don't mention the cricket!) who's been lurking a long way from home - somewhere in the Chilterns (mind you - he fell foul of the bridge closure and we were nearly on Plan B (don't ask!)).

There was a huge selection of images waiting for him - 54 - but he seemed quite undaunted! As expected at our club the standard of images was high - so a difficult job judging (as always). Allan gave extremely detailed comments on each image especially making suggestions about the use of Photoshop to make the images stand out - you'd need time, patience and a good supply of Optrex (other eyewashes are available) to do some of this! He got through it all in time though - no mean feat!

So who got what? Well, the much coveted 20s went to Melvyn Newman for "Raindrops Keep Falling on my Head"; Ivor Cowley for "Boatyard Buddies"; Jon Scourse for "Poppy Harvest"; Trevor King for "Kellis"; Brian Jolley for "Bursting With Colour"; Ian Lewis for "Ten To Carry Two" and Stephen Shadbolt for "Is It Art or Graffiti?". Phew! - and this from the man who threatened to give marks as low as 11!!! As per usual two images had to be "starred" and these were "Ten To Carry Two" and "Poppy Harvest".

At the end of it all we had a plethora of top places: equal third place was shared by Brian Jolley and Danny Callcut with 37 points; in second place were David Smith, Nigel Farmer, Ivor Cowley, Jon Scourse and Trevor King with 38 points, and the top place this evening went to Melvyn Newman with 39 points.

Well done to all who entered images for the competition - it was a great evening. Isn't it good to see so many superb images at one time!

And thanks of course to Allan for overcoming all hazards (aka the bridge - or lack of it) to be our judge for the evening.


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