A 366 In My Lunch Hour

posted by Ian Lewis in Club Meetings

This evening we all flocked to the village hall in Whitchurch-on-Thames for a presentation by one of our own club members - Mike Alexander. During 2012, Mike gritted his teeth and took on the task of capturing at least one image each day of the year. Normally this is known as the 365 Project but last year - yes - it was a leap year - so Mike had an extra day to contend with! Many of the images were taken during his lunch hour at work so the presentation was titled, "A 366 In My Lunch Hour".

One thing Mike did remind us of... 2012 was the year of the rain!! (don't remind us I hear you all saying!). Many of the images were taken in and around Goring-on-Thames and isn't it amazing what can be found to photograph in one relatively small area. We saw a variety of images of the parish church and it's graveyard - not surprising as the inside of a church is a great place to find photographs - particularly when it's chucking it down outside!!! Of course we also saw some superb images of the Thames as it flows through the village and of the surrounding countryside. Naturally, not all the images were of Goring and of course they were taken at other times than Mike's lunch hour (he didn't work 24/7 for 52 weeks!).

A really good evening - congratulations, Mike, for completing this rather daunting photographic project and many thanks for sharing it with us.

Oh - of course - this evening was also notable for being the last one for months and months (7 in fact!) that we were able to drive over the toll bridge - feel we should have marked the occasion somehow!


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