Selection Evening

posted by Ian Lewis in Club Meetings

Another evening without our esteemed Chairman. But never mind - we were in the safe hands of Nigel Glover-Wright - with his Vice Chair hat on!

This evening it was club democracy in action as all the club members present took part in selecting 30 images for external competitions this season - and what a difficult job this was as many of the images on show have already scored very high marks in club competitions.

So -as we cheerfully burst through the doors we were presented with a scoresheet and were instantly faced with two display racks full of superb prints - what a task!! Choosing 15 was a real challenge - and then it got even more difficult as we turned to the projected images - lots of them - and all excellent!

The members voted on their scoresheets - Nigel and Ian Lewis (who's he?) counted (at least Nigel counted and I Lewis kept getting in the way) and Mr Sexton (he of the wild and hungry big cats) kept score.

And the selected images? We don't know yet - and won't until the next meeting - is there no end to this excitement? (and to add to it, the Chairman's back too!).


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