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posted by Ian Lewis in Club Meetings

An evening without the presence of our revered chairman - off looking for more curiosities no doubt! Different for another reason too - no back-to back images today - but a presentation about trends in the photographic industry entitled "What's New?" The presenter, hailing from the far east (of Berkshire that is) - Rod Bird, all the way from wild and woolly Maidenhead and who we last saw trudging his way up the Thames path from the estuary to the source!

Rod's not only a stalwart member of that town's camera club but runs his own tuition and courses company, ElectricLandscape found at www.ElectricLandscape.com

Have to say the start of this brought on some nostalgic photographic moments! We looked at the way advertising has reflected the growth of the photographic industry from "buy a camera and you can take photographs" to "develop your creative powers with xxxxx camera". Many of us of the more senior persuasion remembered our first film cameras - simple, rangefinder and SLR models. We followed the development of digital cameras - so fast it's blink and you'll miss it - and we've all experienced buying a camera to find it's been superseded by a newer, more technically advanced model within a year! Rod also looked at the photo editing software business - Photoshop, Lightroom etc as well as storing and displaying images online through Flickr, Facebook, Instagram and so on. He then went on to take us into the world of wedding photography (which seems to be moving from a pure and simple record of the wedding to the world of fantasy!).

A really interesting and enjoyable evening - and not just for the technologically-minded among us either! Thanks, Rod - and you might well meet some of us again on your courses!


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