Opening Night

posted by Ian Lewis in Club Meetings

Here we are again! Break out the champagne (or a bottle of ale anyway) - 'cos the 20013-14 season has started! Hurrah!

After all that excitement - what happened tonight? Well, as it was the opening night of the season, our revered Chairman (bless 'im) started the proceedings with a few well-chosen words of introduction to explain the workings of the club (mind you - those of us who've been in it for donkeys still aren't sure!). It was great to see some new faces alongside the old(?) ones - we hope to see you regularly - we're a luvly bunch of people - very friendly and welcoming!

After the Chairman's speech (and not a single heckle was heard!) we had judging (by himself no less) of the team competition held around Pangbourne one evening during the summer. Each team, armed only with a point-and-shoot camera set about capturing images on set subjects. Amazing interpretations - and some real "outside the box" thinking - but hey - we're famed far and wide for our imagination (could there be truth in the rumour that WHCC's been banned from Pangbourne for frightening the locals?). Anyway - to cut to the chase as they say - here's the final scores.

In third place came Team Storey (Joyce, Geoff, Tilly and Rachel) with 21 points. Second was Team Sargent (Brian, Ros and John S) with 22 points. The winners with a superb 28 points were Team Campbell (Colin, Roy, Bert and Ian N). Well done - and by the way - Bert's a great model!

Finally, we were treated to some of the images taken by members during our summer evening forays into the unsuspecting locality- and also during our club outing to London a few weeks ago.

Altogether a lovely start to the season - see you all next week!


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