Summer Evening Programme - A Walk Round Tidmarsh

posted by Ian Lewis in Summer Outings

Where were we this evening? Out and about in Tidmarsh, that's where - exploring its hidden and not-so-hidden mysteries!

Having met in the village hall car park we wended our way along The Street (imaginative name, eh?), turned sharp left at The Greyhound (it's delights to be sampled later), halting for a while at the Mill House. Historical this - having been a working mill until the early 20th century and then being lived in by Dora Carrington and Lytton Strachey, two of the infamous (in those days) Bloomsbury Set. It's empty at the moment - making photography easier - and it's on the market at a little short of £2m - anyone interested??

Then upwards and onwards to the 12th century village church with its wooden bell tower. From here we trooped along the River Pang to Moor Copse Nature Reserve (BBOWT). The river banks here have become a bit overgrown but, being the intrepid lot we are ( and we had the Treasurer with us who'd be great if a bear or lion were to appear from the undergrowth), we trudged along its length until we turned left into open fields ("But we're going away from the pub!" was heard from our midst). Looping back through more woodland we eventually returned to Tidmarsh itself and the joys of The Greyhound. Never was a pint so gratefully received! But you have to admit - it was a good evening's exercise!


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