Sussex Curiosities

posted by Ian Lewis in Club Meetings

I knew I had to get back from my hols in the sun for a reason - and this was it - THE EVENT OF THE YEAR!! Yes- our own revered Chairman with his presentation of Sussex Curiosities! We know that he has a fascination with all things quirky and unusual (why else be Chairman of Whitchurch Hill??) and this was to be no exception - so, ladies and gentlemen, I give you, newly returned from the Antipodes - our very own - ALAN COPELAND!

The opening pictures were suitably accompanied by a rousing rendition by a military band of "Sussex by the Sea"(what else?) and we started our journey in the quaint old town of Rye (you have to strain your eyes a bit to see the sea here, though!) where we discovered the odd house names in Mermaid Street such as "The House Opposite" and also saw the oldest church clock. We then travelled through a variety of towns and villages in East Sussex, meeting more odd signs and even odder inscriptions. We were taken to see the fridge "mountain" at Lewes, the smallest house in Sussex, windmills, wells and village pumps in abundance! Following the tea-break, and once more to the accompaniment of the military band, we journeyed through West Sussex, starting at Chichester with its market cross and dodo house, before finishing at Steyning with its helter-skelter water tower.

A great evening, Alan, with superb pictures of this lovely county and its considerable amount of oddities! It'll certainly make me look more carefully next time I'm in that area! Together with the pictures, he gave us a fascinating insight into the origins of the names and features with his stories of what apparently happened at each in the first place!

We all hope you're continuing to build your "odd" collection, Mr Chairman, and wait with baited breath for your next instalment cataloguing Britain's curiosities!


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