How Did You Do Well?

posted by Ian Lewis in Club Meetings

Bit late this one - got an excuse though (no - wasn't a senior moment!) - been up north having a strum!

So where were we - oh yes - the last indoor meeting of the season (doesn't time fly 'n all that!). And we were in for a real treat too 'cos it was a showing - an exhibition really - of all the winning and high scoring images throughout the club's year. It was great to see these again wasn't it, and even more to hear the photographers' accounts of how, when (and even why) they were taken. Plus there were technical details to keep the technophobes amongst us happy!

By the end of the evening - feeling replete with viewing superb images - we could also be even more mystified as to how our esteemed treasurer hasn't been eaten in the course of acquiring images! If you're taking a picture of an over-large and probably hungry pussy-cat with you in its sights - and apparently with a nice juicy hunk of raw meat being waved to and fro above your head, all I can say is -thank the Lord for vibration reduction!!!!

A great evening - thank you all for bringing your images to delight us once again. Now we can look forward to next season!


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