New Zealand - From North to South (Part 2)

posted by Ian Lewis in Club Meetings

This was it - what we'd been waiting for all year - members flocked in their hundreds (well - tens) to the village hall at Whitchurch-on-Thames for an evening's visit to New Zealand in the company of our very own chairman..... Alan Copeland!!

The second visit actually 'cos he'd already regaled us with some of the joys of that far country last year (and we came back for more!!!).

Alan, as we all know, is inexorably drawn to all things quirky (in a photographic sense that is!) - and as we now know, there's plenty of that to be found in New Zealand (but don't tell the All Blacks!). On a tour, largely of the South Island, we were introduced to odd gardens (with shoes?), even odder signs, garages and petrol pumps (just don't ask!). Architecture is one of Alan's great interests -especially that of the Art Deco period - and New Zealand, it appears, is absolutely brimming with it, so we were treated to images of superb buildings of this period. And where else would you find a stunning veteran car parked outside a shop!

Then, of course, there was the amazing scenery from the hills (remarkably sheepless - where's the New Zealand lamb?) to Doubtful Sound in the fjord region. Of course there were the mountains and above all the snow-capped peak of Mount Cook. Alan also took us whale watching (did he catch the boat at a whale-way station? I ask myself) with some beautiful shots of whale-tails!

Near the city of Christchurch we saw houses with red stickers showing that they were unsafe after the earthquake - which happened while Alan was in the country!

And finally - something now indelibly imprinted on our memories - the seemingly redoubtable and (hopefully) aptly named Mrs. Goodbody advertising for her six sailors a night!!!!!

A superb evening Alan! Great images to whet the appetite of anyone considering a visit to New Zealand. Once again (like Mrs. Goodbody) you didn't disappoint!!


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