posted by Ian Lewis in Club Meetings

This week we could look forward to getting our feet wet (at least!) and being surrounded by all things marine, 'cos the subject was "Coast", and the presenter Peter Tatton who's a member of the British Society of Underwater Photographers (so he ought to know what he's doing then).

We're used to seeing plenty of images of British coastal scenery aren't we - but what made this somewhat different was that it was mostly taken from wave-level giving us more intimate (can I say that??) images of seals and sea birds. Then we went right underwater (not literally you understand) to see the corals that cling to the rocks and wrecks around our coast and the fish and other aquatic animals that live among them - even the odd octopus! Have to say I didn't realize there's so much coral around our shores!

A great evening - thanks, Peter, for sharing your superb images with us. We look forward to seeing you again sometime.


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