Winchester PS Audio-Visual Group

posted by Ian Lewis in Club Meetings

This evening they came from the south - from the ancient capital of Wessex no less! No- not King Alfred's Saxon hordes but rather members of Winchester Photographic Society's AV group come to show us some of their work.

During the evening we were treated to a wide variety of AV sequences. As these had been submissions to their competition, they were strictly limited in length which ensured a wide variety of subjects. Among the sequences we saw, we were reminded (if we needed reminding that is) of the vagaries of age-related attention deficit disorder (hmmm - I get this frequently!); saw a potter at work (brought back memories of BBC TV!!); found out that Berlin isn't necessarily in Germany (no Brandenburg Gate here - plenty of tumbleweed and whistling wind though!); visited a photographer's garden through close-ups of flowers and finally we were treated to a sequence based on that wonderful song by Flanders and Swan "The Gas Man Cometh".

A thoroughly enjoyable evening, chaps, thank you for coming all this way to show us your AV work and we look forward to seeing you again sometime.


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