Project 100 (final evening)

posted by Ian Lewis in Club Meetings

Already! The last of the four groups showing their images for the Chairman's Challenge to take 100 photographs throughout 2012!

This week the victims - sorry - participants - were Tara Taylor, Ray Lewis, Eric Needs and Trevor King.

As I have said in previous blogs, the great thing about these evenings has been the personal nature of these images (well - not too personal!). As a result we saw lovely images of the families involved including children and grand children. So nice to see good images of children too - considering the understandable restrictions we have in that field!

This week we also had two AV presentations which provided a good variation in the viewing experience. During the evening we saw a superb range of subject matter - and great quality images ranging from landscapes and the built environment to the natural world; from creatures great and small to people imaged in both informal and formal situations (including wedding and studio photography).

This has been a great project - challenging but (dare I say it) fun to do and superbly entertaining for all to view. Having struggled to find two images per week, though, I have great respect for those involved in the 365 project!! Do this again, please, Mr. Chairman - we're ready to take up the challenge once more!


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