Project 100 (third evening)

posted by Ian Lewis in Club Meetings

Ah! The Chairman's Challenge - round 3 (already?). For those new to our club or website the challenge from our illustrious Chairman was to take at least two images a week throughout 2012 (you remember - the year with all the rain!) and whittle this down to 100 to show to our fellow club members. Sixteen of our number took up the challenge and this week it was the turn of John Sexton, Ros French, Bob Johnson and Ian Lewis to show the results of their image taking.

What's so good about this (I think!) - and why everyone seems to be enjoying seeing the images - is that that they are such a personal account of each participant's year.

We saw photographs of families - especially children and grandchildren; family get-togethers; pets; the local area; holidays at home and abroad - and not forgetting wildlife (some of it more wild than others!). And with 2012 being a year of National events there were, of course, glimpses of the Jubilee celebrations and the Olympics. It was a great year for photography wasn't it? (apart from the rain, that is - but even that brought its photo opportunities!).

So yet another superb evening in this series! Thanks to all four participants - and we now wait for next month and the final group!


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