A Lane in Brazil

posted by Ian Lewis in Club Meetings

This evening - a foray into the world of nature photography in the company of professional wildlife photographer Mike Lane FRPS.

The title of the evening's presentation - "A Lane in Brazil" gave us a subtle clue as to the location - but first Mike whetted our appetites with some stunning images of herons much nearer to home - in the dear old UK to be exact! The tone for the whole evening was undoubtedly set by the opening shot of a heron on the water, seen through early morning mist - magic!

Then across the Atlantic to Brazil - a vast country but we were to concentrate on the wetlands of the Pantanal and its wildlife. And what superb images showing birds of all shapes, colours and sizes - kingfishers, the beautiful blue hyacinth macaw, the toucan (without Guinness!), raptors (various) and many others. We met animals such as the giant river otter, capuchin monkeys and capybara (looking like overgrown guinea-pigs). We travelled along the waterways with powerfully-toothed caimen lurking on shore and in the water - apparently relatively harmless (ie they won't drag you into the river for lunch) according to Mike - but looking at those teeth I think I'll just take his word for it!! Then finally we were shown images of the elusive jaguar caught by the camera moving stealthily along river banks - and even by torchlight!

A really excellent evening and thanks to Mike coming all the way from darkest Solihull to show us these stunning images and also to give us the technical details behind some of the shots. There were things for sale too - cards featuring Mike's images - and beanbags! You can see more on Mike's website: www.nature-photography.co.uk and if you Google his name there's a number of sites containing his photographs.


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