Digital Competition No3 "Street Life"

posted by Ian Lewis in Club Meetings

Here we are - almost half way through March already - nearly the Ides of March too (wonder if the Chairman's worried??). This evening was the third digital image competition - this time the subject being "Street Life" and the judge - that Hebridean wanderer Ruari Cummings.

No Hebrides tonight for him - but there was a plethora of great images from the streets of Great Britain and beyond! The initial run-through showed the large range of interpretations of the theme. We travelled from Broad Street in Reading to Nairobi, from the streets of London (apologies to Ralph McTell) to Cadiz and from Bath to the West Indies! On the way we saw street artists, entertainers, vendors and musicians and looked at the wares in shops and market stalls. We also discovered some of the stranger things people get up to in streets!!

Ruari made detailed comments on each image interspaced with personal anecdotes, marking as he progressed - and he finished on time too!

Congratulations to all those who gained 20s. They were Nigel Farmer for "Ka-Pow!", David Smith for "Pecking Order", Graham Mulrooney for "Buying Fruit at the Souk", John Douglass for "Window Shopping" and Sylvia Blackmore for "Keeping Up With The News".

In third place came Graham Mulrooney with 37 points, second was David Smith with 38 points and the winner this evening was Nigel Farmer with 39 points.

Thanks to everyone who entered images making this such a good evening and, of course, thanks to Ruaru for his judging!


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