Print Competition No 3 "Street Life"

posted by Ian Lewis in Club Meetings

This evening, the second of the set subjects in this season's ladder competition reared its head - Street Life - the prints! (this subject could make the mind boggle, couldn't it!), and in charge today - our judge Graham Laughton from Croxley Green Camera Club (near Rickmansworth apparently - for those like me wot didn't know!) - and what a great selection of prints greeted us as we arrived - a hard job for Graham then!

First, as ever, the monochrome prints with night shots of streets; atmospheric, misty scenes and gritty shots of people going about their business. Then came the colour section in which we visited towns and cities around the world seeing shopping areas, city streets - and, of course, people. We saw a butcher at work (that's WHCC - topical as ever!), people relaxing, entertaining and being entertained, working and creating.

Congratulations to those who gained 20s: Nigel Farmer for his monochrome print "Walking to Tower Bridge" and Tony Bates for his colour print "Bench With a View".

Congratulations too to the top scorers. In the monochrome section 3rd place went to Bill Scott with 36 points and in joint first place were Nigel Farmer and Tony Bates both scoring 37. In the colour section four people shared 3rd place: Tilly Jamieson, Ray Lewis, John Sexton and Ivor Cowley all with 34 points. In second place came Nigel Farmer with 36 points and in first place was Tony Bates with 37.

Thanks to all who entered and gave us such a good evening and, of course, many thanks to Graham for entering the lion's den to be our judge giving good, constructive comments - and for finishing comfortably before closing time!!


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