Project 100

posted by Ian Lewis in Club Meetings

A whole year in the making - and now - the moment of truth! Yes - this was the first showing of images for the Chairman's (bless 'im) Project One Hundred. For those not familiar with this - sixteen stalwart club members took up the challenge to take at least two images per week during 2012 (should see a lot of rain then!) and whittle these down to a nice round 100 for public delectation.

This week the four victims - sorry - volunteers - were Bill Scott, Neil Stewart, Joyce Storey and Alan Copeland. And what a fascinating evening this was! The instant impression was that these images were very personal to each photographer - telling the story of their year. Hence we saw images taken in back gardens, in the local streets and in their houses. We saw family, friends - and pets (including the chairman's pusscat!); we were taken to holiday destinations, local towns and villages and, in one instance, were taken on a pub crawl to the hostelry of the month! We followed a lane through the seasons, joined Jubilee street parties, saw the Olympic flame and yes - we also saw a lot of rain!!

Many thanks to the aforementioned members who showed us their images - they were really great and we all thoroughly enjoyed the evening! Can't wait till next month!!!

Ps: I'm off Neil Stewart's Christmas card list! It was him wot was being followed by cheetahs down an African track the other week - not Nigel! Sorry Neil!


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