The Americas

posted by Ian Lewis in Club Meetings

A self-confessed travelogue this evening! The assembled multitude was taken on an evening's journey to the good ol' US of A - and Canada too - courtesy of Micki Aston CPAGB.

And what was the first thing we noticed? A slide projector! Yes - Micki's images were all taken on slide film - and what superb pictures they were! In the course of this extremely crisp presentation, Micki took us from New York City with its images of skyscrapers and Central Park, way down to the southern states (we learnt she's a self-confessed Confederate too!) and it turns out that she loves taking shots of the traditional, iconic American buildings ranging from the plantation owners' palatial mansions to the baroque balconies of New Orleans. Soberingly, she also showed images of the slave quarters. Then on to California and Death Valley. From here we were taken to Arizona's canyon country - from the lip of the Grand Canyon (still have this image of her dangling over the edge with her husband grasping her ankles - trusting soul isn't she!) to the spectacular, colourful (and extremely narrow) slot canyons. Then - Monument Valley (owned and run by the Navajo).To give us a sense of scale, we appreciated the judicious use of the aforementioned husband - sometimes in regulation red - but not always (bet he got into trouble for that!).

Finally, right up north to Canada and Alaska where we had (fairly) close encounters with Kodiak bears (wonder if she shot on Kodiak film???) salmon fishing and with polar bears - some arrested and placed in a detention centre before being returned to their natural habitat (other than towns)!

A really great evening, Micki! Superb slides and a really entertaining commentary. Thank you for sharing some of your American adventures with us!


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