British Wildlife Photography

posted by Ian Lewis in Club Meetings

This week, a wildlife adventure - and not a zebra or cheetah in sight! Not the sweeping grasslands of Africa this time - instead, the colourful, often shy, creepy-crawly, feathery and furry wildlife of our own British Isles, courtesy of wildlife photographer Andy Sands. We were treated to some really superb images of our plant and animal life, ranging from close-ups of insects etc in gardens, fields and hedgerows to larger animals such as deer and hares. We travelled from the Chilterns to the Isles of Scotland (ah! I feel the need of a wee dram coming on!) The bird photography was superb - no wonder Andy get bookings from RSPB groups! It's worth noting that very few of these were portraits - instead Andy's images show the animals as a part of their habitat - and this proves how effective some of their camouflage is! The pictures were accompanied by Andy's extremely informative and detailed commentary.

We enjoyed this evening Andy - think you can come again sometime!


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