Enprint Competition & Discussion Evening

posted by Ian Lewis in Club Meetings

It's that time of year already - Christmas and New Year gone - and now... time for the enprint competition! This is the one when as many club members as possible make panels of five prints - each one the size of an "old" enprint (they still do 'em - but not in Jessop's!) ie 6"x4" (approx) with each image being judged on its individual merits by the assembled throng - so a possible 5 marks per image resulting in a possible total of 25 marks (didn't get where I am today without knowing my 5x table!).

So here we were - waiting for the panels to be carried to the tables in utmost secrecy (or a carrier bag). As soon as all the panels were in place we all grasped our scoresheets and clustered round the tables, filling them in (the sheets, that is - not the tables). And what a variety of images! There were close-ups of flowers, trees contre-jour, Venetian masks, birds, animals - and even our esteemed Chairman - in shorts!!

Eventually, after much concentrated counting, the top three entrants were announced as follows: in third place John Sexton with 650 points; Steve Shadbolt came second with 667 points..... and in first place - Sylvia Blackmore with 676 points! Congratulations to all three - and thanks to everyone who took the time and effort to produce panels and make such an entertaining evening.

Following this we had our annual discussion about the club and voted for our two set subjects for next season which will be "On the Move" and "Built to Last".

A great evening - discounting, of course, the Chairman's knees...


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