Wildlife on Your Doorstep and Beyond

posted by Ian Lewis in Club Meetings

This week we gathered together in the village hall for an evening with a young wildlife photographer, Tom Way. Those who frequent the monthly Quality Fair in Pangbourne will probably have seen him manning his stall and selling his images - but this evening he was giving us "Wildlife On Your Doorstep and Beyond" - his debut as a presenter to a camera club!

The first question was - where's the projector?? Ah! Tom had brought his own - undoubtedly the smallest we've seen! It performed quite well but at the distance it was working at, it seemed to lose some brightness - a pity as Tom's images are extremely good! The first half of the evening was devoted to wildlife in the UK. Here we saw images of deer - several in silhouette taken against sunrise or sunset, foxes, squirrels, kingfishers, garden birds and puffins (not so local, those!).

Following the refreshment break, Tom took us (photographically, that is) to more exotic locations (though what can be more exotic than Pangbourne!). We started in Africa to meet gorillas, hippopotami - and a rather annoyed buffalo From there we went to the Indian Ocean to watch whales (no - not the land of my fathers!) - Tom showing how his patience in trying to capture the waterfall from a blue whale's tail fluke finally paid off - magnificently!. Then - on to Sri Lanka to view the elephants and primates there.

A great evening, Tom! We hope to see you back again!


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