On Your Doorstep

posted by Ian Lewis in Club Meetings

Ah! Tonight's presenter was Colin Harrison - a guy with a whole shedful of photographic letters after his name! He's exhibited widely in this country and abroad - and now the summit of his career - Whitchurch Hill!!

The presentation was called "On Your Doorstep" and featured images taken not too far from his home just on the edge of the Cotswolds - in fact some were so close they were in his garden! We were treated to some stunning images of RAF planes in flight taken from another aircraft (or else Colin has more talents than we knew about!) - from when he worked at RAF Brize Norton. A sobering moment then as he included some poignant images taken at repatriations in Oxfordshire. From planes we went on a comprehensive tour of the area which included landscapes, villages, wildlife and cars. The aim of the evening was to prove that we can all build a successful portfolio of images without travelling too far from home - and it certainly succeeded.

Thank you for a good evening, Colin - you've given us plenty of food for thought!


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