Picture Of The Year Competition

posted by Ian Lewis in Club Meetings

Brother Bill, image © copyright 2010, Danny CallcutThis was it then - the culmination (that's a long word for this time in the evening!) of the ladder competitions to decide on the finest, the outstanding ..the PICTURE OF THE YEAR! (also known as POTY - or how about Pick of the Pics?)

This was when we see all those prints, slides and digital photographs which have achieved high scores in the ladders, and it's decided which one is the best of each type and, ultimately, which is the best image of all!! Considering the marvellous photographs we've seen throughout the year as the ladders have progressed, this was not going to be an easy task - so who was going to be the poor ***!!?? to be given the job of judging it? None other than Peter Jackman, well known to us over the years - and a truly unmistakeable figure!

Once again, as the evening progressed, Peter showed his keen eye for composition and technical detail within photographs, making very perceptive comments tinged with his humour. At least we know one thing for another year - he doesn't like the thought of standing in water to view the photographs - so put some beach or pavement in when he's judging!

Nuts, image © copyright John SextonWell, Peter awarded several 20s and congratulations to all those with the top score. They were, in the Print section, Dorothy Wood for "Shadow Path", Tony Bates for "The Remains of Brighton Pier" and Ian Nash, whose print "Brecon Mountain Railway" was judged as the best overall print. In slides, there was one 20, and therefore the best overall slide - Nigel Glover-Wright's "Black Winged Stilt". In the digital images there were all of five 20s!! These were Joyce Storey's "Bendy Bench"; John Sexton's "Nuts" (sorry about that, John - couldn't find another way of putting it!); David Dare's "Christine Studying" and "Male Cryptocladocers Fly, South America" (heavens - gave me more nightmares second time around!) and, finally in the digital section, and judged to be the overall Picture of the Year - "BROTHER BILL" by our esteemed Webmaster - DANNY CALLCUT!!! Congratulations, Danny! (won't make any remarks about being POTY though!!).


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