The Art of Wildlife Photography

posted by Ian Lewis in Club Meetings

As the moon shone on the quaint old village of Whitchurch we all trooped in to the village hall - and there before us - ten foot of lens on the front of a camera mounted on a hefty-looking tripod - and on the other side of the room a camouflaged tent-thingy (a hide to the initiated!) - and was that the chairman crouching inside it?? Well - the subject of tonight's meeting was fairly obvious - it had to be nature photography - and in the capable hands of Bob Brind-Surch, a professional wildlife photographer who also runs courses and leads photographic expediitons. Bob specialises in images of wildlife in its natural environment and during the evening we were treated to some stunning images of animals and birds in the wild.

He started by talking us through the five Ps of image-taking: passion, patience, practise, preparation and purpose before looking at the creation of excellent images through getting down to the animal's level and focusing on its eyes (just before it eats you, that is!). He then showed us examples of good composition with the animals singly and in groups. Finally he discussed the all-important matter of suitable equipment and offered hints on image-taking such as back-button focusing.

A great evening, Bob - thanks for sharing your expertise and I'm sure that by now we've all looked carefully at your website!


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