Basics of Digital Audio Visual

posted by Ian Lewis in Club Meetings

This evening the hordes descended on the unsuspecting village of Whitchurch-on-Thames for a couple of hours in the company (or should I say under the tutelage) of Les Spitz, an expert in matters of audio-visual presentations.

And what a superb evening it was too! Les started by treating us to some of his presentations in which his superb images took us from icy seas littered with icebergs to the colours of carnival time in Venice (with a few canals thrown in for good measure!). The learning bit (for us) was when he then guided us through the mechanics of creating presentations using Pictures2Exe, a program which some of us are familiar with ( or in my case it's 'who would be familiar with if they practised a bit more'!) He imparted his knowledge skilfully and there was something for everybody to take away whatever our individual abilities - whether confident creators or 'P2E virgins'!

Following Pictures2Exe, Les ventured into the realms of Audacity, a free download used for adding the audio to AV (hope you were listening carefully 'cos our revered chairman is running a session on this on 6th December - you have been warned!!).

This was a really great evening, Les - and we look forward to seeing you again!


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