Passport, Visa and a Backpack

posted by Ian Lewis in Club Meetings

Last year we had tough guys crawling around in mud and naked bike riders - what would we be in for this year? Because tonight we were visited by Alan Colgrave ARPS, author of those extraordinary presentations!

Well - no naked bike riders this time - instead we were treated to an evening of Alan's excellent audio-visual productions. (mind you - it's linked to his job as he works in the film industry). We started the evening by being transported to South America (well- visually anyway!), the AV presentation showing not only superb images but also giving an informative commentary. Then, by way of a complete change - zombies! Yes - people actually do dress up as the undead and parade round the streets!! This proved to be an ideal vehicle for Alan's style of candid street photography - with very willing - and scary - subjects (but of course this was Hallowe'en!). From zombies we once again went travelling, this time to India and Nepal with another of Alan's superb travelogue AV presentations.

A great evening, Alan - we now look forward to South America Part 2!!!


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