Digital Competition No. 1

posted by Ian Lewis in Club Meetings

This evening our valiant club members flocked eagerly to Whitchurch Village Hall, for tonight saw the first of our ladder competitions for this season - the Digital Open (not to be confused with any similarly named golf tournaments!). We arrived expecting the judge to be the inimitable Peter Jackman - but unfortunately he was unwell. However - at the very last minute Gordon Roberts manfully stepped into the gap!

Well - as expected in an Open competition there was an enormous entry and an equally vast range of subjects! During the evening we were treated to images depicting landscapes, architecture, portraits, the natural world, travel, still life - not to mention a good scattering of Olympic torchbearers! As always in competitions with no set subject, it's a demanding job for the judge who has to compare and contrast widely different images - and of course, being Whitchurch Hill, there were some excellent photographs. Gordon, though, proved himself to be more than equal to this daunting task, giving detailed and helpful comments on each image and awarding a wide range of marks.

Much-coveted 20s were gained by David Smith for "Alien Nation", Tony Bates for "Singapore Highway", John Sexton for "Grrrr" (how he hasn't been eaten yet is beyond me!), Celestino Ruiz for "Plaza Mayor, Seville", Nigel Farmer for "Silhouetted Mantis" and Dorothy Wood for "A British Summer".

And who heads the Digital Image Ladder at this early stage? David Smith, that's who, with a score today of 39/40, closely followed by Tony Bates with 38 and Ceri Jones with 37.

Congratulations to all who entered and especially to the high scorers listed above!

Many thanks to Gordon for coming to judge at such short notice and, of course, we wish Peter Jackman all the best for a speedy recovery and return to the photographic fields of combat!


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