Highlights Of The International 321 Competition

posted by Ian Lewis in Club Meetings

This week the programme (and the Chairman's emails) said we were going to see the 3-2-1 competition. Well, there I was waiting for Ted Rogers and dear old Dusty Bin - but no - what we saw were highlights of the past few years' 3-2-1 AV competition, brought to us by Maureen Albright.

The competition apparently started in France - which probably explains the number of entries either with commentary in French or with French subtitles (for those of us who don't speak English) - and it's judged by panels in the participating countries.

Not surprisingly, the quality of the AV sequences was superb, in fact some were almost movies, so slick were the effects! As for subject matter - the range was huge - varying from the political ( such as an anti-war presentation), narratives, on to the downright erotic (ah mes amis - les français au naturel! - gave us some good ideas for the next studio evening though!). The UK was well represented through excellent presentations by Peter Coles (at one time an education officer in Berkshire!), Ron Davies, Ian Bateman and Maureen herself!

More information can be gleaned from Maureen and on Ian Bateman's site.

However, if you want the whole lot in French, you can go to http://www.challengediaporama321.com/ and the very best of luck!

It was an extremely fascinating evening which I'm sure will spur us on to even greater efforts in our own presentations (just wait for our AV evening just before Christmas, folks!) but one thought remains:

What on earth goes on in some people's minds??


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