8 by 10 EVENING

posted by Ian Lewis in Club Meetings

This was it, then - the last indoor meeting of the season! So we wended our various ways to Whitchurch village hall for the "8 by 10 Evening". No- not an exhibition of equally-sized prints - this evening was an opportunity for eight of our members to show presentations of images for a total of ten minutes per person (gettit??)

These were the presentations we were treated to - but not necessarily in the order they appeared (apologies to Eric Morecambe!).

We were transported across the pond to Montana in the depths of winter (in the depths of snow, too) and then on to Yellowstone Park - also in winter, courtesy of John Sexton. Our worthy chairman took us to sunnier climes with a visit to Villajoiosa in Spain. Thanks, Alan -we needed to see a bit of sun - forgotten what it looks like! Nigel Glover-Wright showed us images of African wildlife shot (with a camera I hasten to add) during his numerous visits there. We were taken to Borneo by Brian Sargent where we were introduced to some of the wildlife there including pigmy elephants - miniphants?? He also talked about his camera's panoramic capabilities. Joyce Storey shared her pictures of strange signs - amazing what appears on notices isn't it! David Dare abandoned his usual extreme close-ups of minibeasts (although - be warned - he has them on t-shirts now - a real walking nightmare!!!!) and showed us his images from frogspawn to tadpole (we didn't see the frog - had it croaked??). Keeping to the aquatic theme, Eric Needs took us kayaking round the Hebrides. The group did a bit of walking too when they needed to dry off! Tony Bates, as we know, is a great exponent of long exposure photography and he showed us a presentation of some of his favourite shots in this genre by a variety of photographers.

Both the variety of subjects and the quality of the photography (well, they're all Whitchurch Hill members so it really goes without saying!) made for a thoroughly enjoyable last meeting - so thanks to all who took part!

Now we're ready to enjoy meeting on Wednesdays through the summer (yes it will come- don't worry!) before starting our new season in September.


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