New Zealand - From North to South

posted by Ian Lewis in Club Meetings

They flocked in from all four corners of Pangbourne: they even came from as far afield as Tilehurst - and what for? - only THE event of the year - the evening everyone had been waiting for - a presentation by our very own chairman - the one and only Alan Copeland LRPS APAGB!!!!

The presentation was titled "New Zealand - From North to South", a photographic record of Alan's visit to that far-flung corner of the Commonwealth last year. As we all know, Alan has a great interest in the curiosities around us (probably why he's chairman of this club!) and the evening proved that his never-ending search for them has even extended to the southern hemisphere! Accompanying his superb images was a voice recording of him reading extracts from the diary he kept during the holiday (bit like Queen Victoria used to do only she didn't have a digital camera. Come to think of it she didn't go to New Zealand either!)

We started on the North Island, travelling right up to the western tip, including a return coach journey along the shore! The highlight of this part, though, had to be the Art Deco festival in Napier, a city once destroyed by an earthquake in 1931 and rebuilt in the art deco style. Everyone dresses in suitable fashion for the era - including our erstwhile chairman (well - we've seen pictures of him dressed far more questionably!) who looked extremely dapper (I think that's the word!). The town is filled with suitable vintage vehicles, bicycles and other paraphernalia which reflect its period of architecture - and much of it was captured by Alan's ever-present camera.

We were taken from the North to the South Island where we were treated to stunning scenery - and even more curiosities! We even had a voyeuristic view of the most amazingly designed women's loo! Is there nowhere safe from Alan's unrelenting search for oddities?

We all had a great evening, Alan. We enjoyed your super images and your commentary - both live and recorded. It was a real tonic in the midst of the miserable weather we're enduring!

PS: I Googled "New Zealand Curiosities" - and what should pop up but the man himself!!


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