365 – Tomorrow always comes

posted by Ian Lewis in Club Meetings

Last but one day of May already! This week we were treated to a presentation by our very own Trevor King called "365 - Tomorrow always comes" (cue the James Bond theme!).

This time we knew in advance the number of images we were going to see - it's in the title - 365 - and that's also the number of days in a year (okay, okay, I know this year has 366 - the extra day's my excuse for not doing the same project!!). Well Trevor, being the intrepid photographer that he is, took on this ultimate time challenge to take an image a day for a year.

Pity his poor long-suffering family - although they proved to be excellent models for a number of his photographs! This is a pretty demanding challenge (the two-a-week one's bad enough Mr. Chairman!) but through it Trevor was able to show us his skill and artistry with a camera. The images ranged from landscapes and townscapes to beautifully composed and lit studio shots. Trevor also showed examples of his superb table-top studio work. Not only were there some fascinating shots of everyday objects (amazing what you can do with a bottle of aftershave with creative lighting!) but Trevor also included pictures of the lighting set-up for a number of them.

A really excellent evening, Trevor - we all enjoyed your images tremendously - and you've certainly inspired those of us on the 100 project! The question is - have you started on 366 - or are you waiting till it's back to 365 again?


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