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Here we are - middle of May and we're struggling to the club through the wind, the cold and the wet! And there's still a hosepipe ban! Anyway - the brave, hardy souls who make up our club membership were in for a real treat this evening. Why? Well, firstly because this was the pilot - as they say in the world of TV - of a completely new competition - monochrome digitally projected images. Success this evening could make it a permanent feature! The other part of the treat was the judge - Peter Jackman APAGB.

Well - the images were superb (as you would expect at Whitchurch Hill) with a variety of monochrome pictures ranging from landscapes, cityscapes and seascapes through to animals, architecture and portraits - but what made the evening even better was Peter's judging. We all know he's good (even if he doesn't like getting his feet wet) but this evening was, if anything even better as we were treated to a masterclass in monochrome photography. Peter knows his subject - he cut his photographic eye teeth taking black and white film photos - and was able to make detailed comments on each image with suggestions of how they could be improved. We learnt that the most obvious subjects for black and white images sometimes aren't the best - black and white half-timbered buildings for example - or zebras! By the end of the evening one felt (as HM would say) that not only had we seen superb images but one wanted to get out with one's camera (a Leica in HM's case) and try out the advice and suggestions made by Peter during the competition!

By the end of the evening four well-earned 20s had been awarded, so congratulations go to Nigel Farmer for "Exit", David Smith for "Shadow Matrix", Tony Bates for "Severn Road Bridge" and David Dare for "Tea Break on the Allotment".

The winner of the evening was Nigel Farmer with 39 points out of 40, followed closely by David Smith and Tony Bates, both scoring 38 points. Well done, guys!

And would this pilot be the first of many? Peter thought it should be, and so did the rest of us - so roll on the next edition in a year's time!

Finally, thanks to Peter for making an evening of great image-viewing even better!


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