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Can't be that time of the season already! Doesn't time fly when you're enjoying yourself, eh? There we were, all gathered together for the Picture of the Year competition - the very best from the ladder competitions since last September. And who did we have to give his expert opinions on the images? No less than the irrepressible Stan McCartin - he of the Caledonian lilt and new lightweight camera - making a return visit this year (we must have liked him last time!).

This being a showcase for our finest prints and projected images from the past nine months - we knew we were in for evening of great images. Stan obviously thought so too - and this was reflected in the high marks awarded during the evening.

First, as always, came the prints and here there were no less than six 20s awarded! These top prints were "Ilfracombe Rocky Coast" by Tony Bates, "Austrian Roof Tiles" by Sally Waygood, "Gold Hill" by Bill Scott, "Mountain Lion" by John Sexton, "Exit This Way" by Nigel Farmer and "Collapsed Roof" again by Bill Scott. Congratulations to the overall winner of this section - Nigel, with his moody car park monochrome "Exit This Way".

Next came the projected images - and believe it or not - another six 20s!! They were "Ox Eye" and "General James", both by Danny Callcut, "That's Me Done" by Melvyn Newman, "Lift Off" by David Pearson, "Grey Wolves" by John Sexton and "Fairground Photo" by John Douglass. The overall winner here was "Fairground Photo" - congratulations, John!

And then came the bated breath moment - which image would receive the ultimate accolade of Picture of the Year? This was awarded to John Douglass for "Fairground Photo" - a pin-sharp picture of two people on a speeding fairground ride - a clever piece of photography, John - hearty congratulations!

Now we have it all to look forward to again next season!

Thanks very much to Stan for his (as always) considered, helpful comments spiced with his humour (who said the Scots are dour - I haven't met any who are!). We look forward to welcoming him back again next season, don't we? (And hearing of "Further Adventures With a Lightweight Camera"!)


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