Focus Stacking for Photomacrography

posted by Danny Callcut in Tips and Tutorials

'South American Fly', image © David Dare Those of you that came to the PRACTICAL PHOTOGRAPHY GROUP MEETING on March 8th 2012 (see blog entry - "The best things come in small packages") will have doubtless been very impressed by David Dare's photomacrography talents. His photo 'South American Fly' has already achieved four 20s in both WHCC ladder and external competitions (CACC Rose Bowl), and his photo 'Hornet' not only gained a 20, but was voted Best Digital Image & Overall Winner in this year's WHCC Natural History compeition.

For those of you (like me!) with a short memory and no notebook, David has kindly repeated all the steps necessary to photograph objects (primarily insects) at 1:1 ratio and larger using a technique known as 'focus stacking'. The article on focus stacking for photomacrography available on his Website (EDIT, September 2014: this page is no longer available) includes a run-down on the theory, equipment and software required to achieve optimum results.

Now if only I had the talent...!


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