Natural History Competition

posted by Ian Lewis in Club Meetings

This week we were getting back to nature (in a purely photographic way of course!) because it was the annual Natural History Competition. The judge for the evening was yet another one hailing from north of the border - Sandy Watson.

As always there were absolutely superb images covering all aspects of the natural world - plants, minibeasts, and animals great and small - cuddly and not-so-cuddly (the wolf looked decidedly less than huggable!).

With such an array of great images, judging was clearly no easy task. Interesting, isn't it though - how different judges view animals in natural history photographs. We've had judges deciding that only the whole animal is acceptable - and we've also been told that the animal should be shown in its natural environment. Sandy, however, seemed keen on cropping pictures to portraits! Confusing, innit (to use the vernacular)!

Well, we had s superb evening's picture viewing with some absolutely stunning images. Congratulations to those scoring 20s! Two people confusingly called John Sexton achieved this in the print section - excellently done John with your "Racoon" and "Porcupine" (that one definitely in the not-so-cuddly class!). In the projected images, 20s were achieved by John Douglass with "Club Tailed Dragonfly Emerging", David Pearson with "Unidentified Floral Beauty (Costa Rica)" and David Dare with another of his amazing macro jobs, "Hornet" which was judged not only to be the best digital image but the "best in show"! However, following in the footsteps of the infamous South American fly - it's given me nightmares since Wednesday and I've only just peered out from under the bedclothes to write this!! Well done, Dave!


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