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Following input from a club member, I have changed the menu system slightly. Apparently it wasn't too clear to one or two members how to access the competition entry forms. I have now altered the main menu such that if a menu item has a sub-menu only the sub-menu items will be active.

For example: clicking on the COMPETITIONS link in the menu will not now direct you to a new page, it will only open the sub-menu, which contains all the relevant locations for that menu (the first of which is now 'Competitions List and Entry Forms') The pages themselves have not changed.

For your information: the list of the next three upcoming competitions complete with links to the entry forms for those competitions is ALWAYS on the home page (under the heading 'Upcoming Club Competitions')

The home page should always be your first point of call, as it ALWAYS contains the upcoming competitons, the latest blog entry, and the upcoming meetings in the WHCC programme. Links to all these pages - and more - are also contained in the right-hand sidebar at the top of the page.

Members Galleries

I had previously placed a restriction on the number of images placed in a members gallery. The idea was to give all members an equal 'crack of the whip' as it were. For a number of reasons, this has proved difficult to manage, so the easiest solution now seems to be to allow members relatively (!) unresrticted allowance on the number of images.

If any member with a gallery wishes to add more images, please do get these to me and I shall add them as soon as I am able. Similarly, if any member currently without a gallery wishes to add one, please let me have a USB stick with your images.

Any Problems?

If you experience any problems or difficulties with the Website, or find anything confusing or unclear, then please do let me know!

Thanks for reading!


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