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Here we all were at the Spring Equinox! And very pleased indeed to report that the Chairman, bless 'im survived The Ides of March - not a soothsayer in sight either!

This evening's offering was from Derek Trendell ARPS who brought with him a collection of images to illustrate a week he spent in the Galapagos Islands so his presentation was called "A week in the Galapagos" - makes sense doesn't it!

Unfortunately for him he didn't have bright, sunny weather (no - you come to England in March for that!) but his intrepid group who'd chartered a boat for the trip carried on regardless - after all, I don't expect Mr Darwin had continually brilliant weather all the time either!

Through Derek's great images we were introduced to the indigenous (and rather quirky) wildlife of the Galapagos Islands (which we learnt had once been the haunt of pirates!). The sea lions were obviously keen to introduce themselves and be photographed - and so it seems was everything else -no need for lenses as long as yer arm then - that cuts down the luggage weight! Not too surprisingly, the residents queuing up to have their pictures taken included iguanas (land and sea - the latter with a sneezing problem it seems), blue-footed boobies and the famous Galapagos tortoises. Seemed to be spring in the air too - so much so that one tortoise had been seen making amorous advances to a rock - should've gone to Specsavers! Scuttling round the shore were the brightly painted Sally Lightfoot crabs (probably named by sailors after a well-loved lady in Portsmouth I would think!) and overhead was the Galapagos hawk together with the thieving frigate birds, albatrosses (no ancient mariners in sight thank goodness) and Darwin's finches - to name but a few! And then there were some birds which stay on land and in the sea such as the Galapagos penguins and the flightless cormorants (well the name says it all doesn't it!). It's clearly the place to go to see really unique wildlife - after all it gave Charles D the material for his theories and his book didn't it!

So thank you Derek for visiting us and showing your images of this unique and relatively unspoilt area. We really enjoyed our evening!


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