DIGITAL COMPETITION No 3 - Textures and Patterns

posted by Ian Lewis in Club Meetings

It was day before the Ides of March - just think what happened to poor old Julius on that day - hope our esteemed leader kept safe on 15th!!!

However - here we all were - gathered safely in the village hall for the next of the ladder competitions - this time the digital image round of "Textures and Patterns". This week the judge came all the way from Bracknell - Ruari Cumming. It's a Caledonian take-over I tell you! First it was Stan McCartin, then our Neil - and now Ruari who originally hails from the Hebrides! It's in retaliation for the 6 Nations! Tell you what - they'll be asking for self rule next!

What a superb collection of images there was! During the initial run-through it was clear that Ruari was in for a tough job - just shows what a good eye for photographs our members have doesn't it? We saw images of textures in the natural world - on rocks and stones, trees, flowers, animal skin, fur and hair. Other images were from the man-made environment - buildings, wrought iron, bits of motorbikes, flint walls - and a Native American feather whatnot. We even played a game of "Spot the overflow pipe"!

Ruari's comments were detailed and helpful but he manfully got through it all before last orders - well done!

Congratulations to all those who achieved the coveted 20s: Dorothy Wood for "Peculiar Palm", Tilly Jamieson for "Pruning the Broccoli", Melvyn Newman for "Peeping Herb Robert" and Brian Jolley for "Classic Curves". The winners were Dorothy Wood and Tilly Jamieson, equally in first place with 38 points and Melvyn Newman who came third with 36.

Thanks to all who submitted entries and, of course, to Ruari who informs us that his Hebridean Adventure Part 3 is nearly up and running!


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